Madame Tussauds Wax Museum


We have been asked to develop two areas within Madame Tussauds. The first area is a football match theme; we brought in various characteristics you would see in a football stadium into this room. Focusing on the wax hand counter, the idea is developed from the goal post; therefore we used floodlights to create the outline of the goalpost and used white nets on the sides of the desk to emphasis this. We also combined stickers of cheering crowds and included drop lights to create a silhouette that makes the stickers stand out, as well as artificial grass flooring to create a lively atmosphere. We want the customers to walk in and feel as though they are there in the crowds watching a football match. Behind the desk we have used lights that you would see in a stadium and used this to design a TV stand as well as a display area, creating a 2-in- 1 function for the workers to play videos and present their products for the customers.


The Cultural area is a room based on artist Rembrandt. Thus we have reconstructed Rembrandt's 17th century house into this pop-up store that sells crystals. On the walls and tables we have used designs and patterns from the 17th century to create that old-fashioned environment as though the customers are in Rembrandt’s house. We have brought in modernity and tradition when designing the cupboards because we wanted to keep the antique appearance, however not making it so obvious, for example the painting holder is actually used as a crystal holder for the retail shop. Moreover we have used some of Rembrandt's famous artworks on the walls to emphasis the importance of this historical artist himself.


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