Rotary Station Home Cafe Concept


We have come up with a concept of Rotary Station Home Cafe for the "Spend It" column in Style, a monthly magazine published by South China Morning Post.



An in-house cafe installation for coffee lovers

For many of us, drinking coffee has become part of our daily routine. The enthusiasm for coffee has sparkled us with the idea for a Rotary Station - a seed-to-cup in-house cafe installation for creating, brewing and enjoying that perfect cup of coffee. The Rotary Station is inspired by coffee capsules, which is composed of two parts and entirely enclosed in glass to ensure perfect growing environment. 



From beans to cup

With the inner central part, half is used for planting and harvesting coffee cherries, while another half is used for drying coffee beans. The outer circular ring is divided into 4 parts - for coffee processing, pulping coffee cherries, milling, and roasting and grinding the beans.


The roof is made by diffused glass, with a ventilation system for air circulation. A pipe is connected for water diffusion into the soil to help the growing coffee plant along.

With this Rotary Station, coffee-lovers can grow, roast and grind their own beans, and make a stellar cup of coffee, that is truly tailor-made.


Completion: 2018

Nature: In-house Cafe


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