Golden Harvest V Walk

Golden Harvest V Walk is a 5 house Cinema that has been designed with a European style. The moment you enter the lobby you are greeted with a combination of green patterned marble walls and beige marble flooring to bring in an element of nature within the interior. To emphasis this even more, the use of green wall tiles and a mixture of grey paint has been used around the area.


The corridor is only the beginning of your journey into the houses. Using a darker tone to create a subtle change from a bright and outdoorsy environment to a Warm and Cosy atmosphere from the use of grey and black walls and carpet flooring to a chrome finish metal mesh for the ceiling.


Feature Theater, also known as the ‘Home’ house because it has been designed with a unique Nordic composition. With 64 leather seats surrounded by printed pattern carpet and a combination of beige and brown toned fabrics along the wall to capture a warm and relaxing atmosphere as people enjoy their cinema experience. This house also has a digital fireplace installed to emphasis homely scenery.


All Theater have been designed with a different style, using similar colours of grey and beige fabrics and carpet; a touch of blue suede has been used to create a different character for each of the houses.


The toilet uses  the same colours of grey, blue and black that are combined to create a calm atmosphere. The use of white around the interior helps creates depth and brings in light.




Completion: 2019

Nature: Cinema

Location: V Walk Shopping Mall, Hong Kong

No. of Houses: 5

No. of Seats: 419

GFA: 1500sqm


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